crmodelagency offers now our fully equipped photographic studio, to the professional and serious amateur. Together with the facilities and equipment, we also provide all the necessary accesories to make your glamour shoot a GREAT SUCCESS!, we can even cast the model for you!

The studio is available for 3-hour shoots, for a max of 2 photogs per shoot.
Different rental packages exist-with and without lights,
with the options of renting wardrobe and full make-up kit
* An extensive catalogue of models is available

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Studio -Area: 33 ft x 17 ft

Set with sofas and wooden flooring

Dresser, with full bathroom


cono beauty dish cuadrado strip


3 Hensel Integra 500 studio flashes

1 Visatec 400 studio flash

Light Modifiers:

Softbox, strip light, beauty dish, cones with honeycomb panelsl


Hensel poles & background paper supports



Facilities rental without lights : $ 150 per 3-hour shoot

With 2 lights

Facilities rental + 2 lights + 2 light modifiers : $ 200 per 3-hour shoot

With 4 lights

Facilities rental + 4 lights + 4 light modifiers : $ 300 per 3-hour shoot

*Full-day fees also available on request


Make-up and wardrobe rental : $ 25

cono beauty dish

Cameras & Lenses rental:

Camera Canon 20D DSRL with 50 mm basic lens: $ 25

Higher end Canon DSRL's and L series lenses available on request


Just fill up the form HERE to make your reservation